Em CapitoOnly you can be the hero of your story.

I’m a big fan of turning adversity into that tipping point where you see yourself with real clarity, throw convention and fear out the window, and start living better.

This is the rockstar mindset, and the magic of adversity alchemy.

I’m a therapist, writer and adventurer and this is the home of my adversity projects.

The Resiliency Project: I hit rock bottom in 2015 in a big way. Now I’m on a mission to bring resiliency back into the mainstream and empower you to face your pain and come out stronger for it.

The Type 1 Project: After hitting rock bottom, the traumatic stress triggered Type 1 diabetes, which has turned into a passion for low-carb recipes and whole body health. I’m healthier than I ever have been, and you can be, too.

You’ve got a rockstar inside of you. Adversity is universal and inevitable. It’s what we do with it that matters. You have a resilient spirit begging to be nurtured. Learn how to live an abundant, peaceful life where curveballs result in home runs.

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